Increase your sales by using an Artificial Intelligence and Aales Targeting System

Benefits of using Sales Intelligence software
in your sales process

Sell with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence customized specifically for the sales journey of your product or service and to understand the reality of your consumers.

Take a more assertive approach

Our Purchase Propensity, Product Recommendation, and Persona Segmentation algorithms will help your marketing and sales team communicate in a more personalized and assertive way.

Get to know your lead's journey

Our unique browsing behavior capture technology is easily integrated into your digital platforms to ensure in-depth tracking of your consumer's journey.

Conte com a integração de canais

Our Sales Intelligence operates 100% integrated with the tools your marketing and sales team already uses. We have native integration with all major CRMs in the market.

Find out the ideal plan for your company

Our Sales Intelligence system is very modular and adapts to the reality of your business and your customer base. Contact us to see the best way to introduce Artificial Intelligence in your communication, engagement and sales process.







Sales Intelligence FAQ

The best Artificial Intelligence system to increase and guide sales

No, we work for companies with offline or online sales operation, but we need historical consumer and transaction data to be in files or online platforms.

Yes, all Neurotech products have several layers of data protection and Neurotech already invested in the topic years before the publication of LGPD (Brazilian Law), CCPA (Californian Law) and GDPR (European Law). Today, we rely on consulting services from companies specialized in data protection and the law itself, and we also have an exclusive team of professionals focused on keeping our solutions in compliance.

No, we can do API integration with any CRM or PR market. 

No, we currently have customers in the credit, retail, insurance, and education (e-commerce) sectors, but we have managed to develop our solution’s performance in several other sectors.

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