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A cutting-edge financial services platform cannot exist without cloud computing. As an AWS Software Partner, we rely on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its cloud infrastructure to run our banking and payment systems globally.



Partnership highlights

Build the next generation of banking with AWS and Neurotech


With the near real-time scalability provided by the AWS cloud, our platform is ready for demand peaks


Redundancy across multiple regions ensures that our systems are extremely resilient


To ensure our platform is secure we leverage AWS security and management capabilities

Cost efficiency

Thanks to the pay-as-you-go price model, you pay according to your transaction volume

Technology partner

From the front to the back, ensure your technology leads the way

Forward-thinking financial institutions need to provide the best service to theory customers. That means providing winning service across the infrastructure ecosystem. The technology of today enables the creation of innovative solutions on a shorter timescale, and goes beyond old ideas of “off the shelf” software.

Meeting the technology challenges of today means selecting the right combination of partners and systems to create a holistic solution able to meet the needs of customers across the spectrum.

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