Innovation is what characterizes Neurotech since it was created by a group of researchers and students from the Federal University of Pernambuco. While applying scientific knowledge and working together with international and national partners, such as research institutions, universities and companies, Neurotech creates advanced technological solutions that meet the market needs in different areas, such as credit risk industry, energy, retailers, insurance, government, and services. To guarantee the best results in some projects, the company involves international academic community, organizing contests for the construction of solutions and for validation of technologies.

Among products or projects developed in several applications, stand out the following: Vessel Traffic Monitoring; Reduction of commercial losses for power companies; Management and forecast of stocks and spare parts; Default management and defining best collection actions; Prediction of behavior of capital assets in the capital market; Detection of irregularities in payrolls; Intelligent treatment of payment risks for variable installments; Alarm treatment and failure diagnosis.



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