Neurotech is a pioneering company in Brazil in the development of advanced solutions for the automation of the entire decision cycle in credit operations, credit collections, risk reduction and fraud detection.

Neurotech was created in 2000 by a group of researchers and students from the Federal University of Pernambuco, and is characterized by innovation and it´s high level of technical expertise. Our wide range of experience is based on the development of over 500 solutions throughout the years in the credit and risk market, always using the best practices, processes and advanced technological tools.

Our headquarters, located in Recife, and our office, located in São Paulo, have over 140 employees and more than 100 customers across the country.


Best Insurance Premium 2014 - Featured in advanced risk management solutions
Apólice Magazine | Brazil, 2014

1st Place - Small most innovative companies in Northeast Brazil
FINEP | Brazil, 2013

First Runner Up
Neuralprofiler | China, 2007

PAKDD 2007
Nanjing, China - Maio 2007

Forecast Market Values
Neuralcastre 2nd Place | New York, 2007

NN3 - Artificial Neural Network & Computational Intelligence
Forecasting Competion

Forecast Market Values
Neuralcaster 2nd Place | Hong Kong 2008

NN5 - Artificial Neural Network & Computational Intelligence
Forecasting Competion

Database Marketing
Neuralprofiler | São Paulo, 2007
Best Innovative Product

CIAB 2007
Best Innovative Product

Program for Research & Technological Development
Best Executive Management 2003 - 2004

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